Crowd Marketing is often neglected for thelink-building methods, which gives a good competitive edge to the competitorsin google ranking. There are thousands of brands that are the same to yourniche or just the same as your product. This causes confusion of how to make anunknown product known to the public and without forcing sales to the commonman. Here is when crowdo comes to the picturehelping to get promoted with forum discussion involving genuine people. Thestrategy used by crowd marketing is to involve public interactions for aspecific brand to promote it in an open forum. When the discussions here are done,more people get to know about the brand, which simply makes a person search forthis product in search engine. So here we can understand that the peoplesearching are real persons who are actually interested in the product or theones that have the curiosity to know about the product, eventually helping thebrand to be on the top of search engine rankings. Also, for SEO, i.e., searchengine optimization, crowdo will help to balance link profiles for the mainaccount as well. Here the deal is of real and prospective human communication.